The Melchizedek Method – Level 1&2 Combined



This is our invitation to you to attend an EXCITING EXPERIENTIAL program designed to assist you in your next level of growth. This workshop will create changes within each person that are in direct alignment with their own path. This program is highly recommendable as participants have had profound wonderful changes and are living life with much more JOY, HARMONY and LOVE.

Feel a calling in your heart, experience who you truly are and be able to live life to the fullest with the potential of who you can be. Allow your inner knowingness guide you.


The Melchizedek Method of Light Body Activation and Holographic Healing is based on the VIBRATION of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

This method combines the ancient wisdoms of Egypt, Mayan, Hebrew, and the Kabbalah. It was first practiced in the ancient Atlantean times, within the temples of self-discovery and high learning. A most powerful technique of spiritual awakening!

The active meditations raise one’s energies and cell vibrations to previously unknown levels and strengthening unconditional love within. The course teaches healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual via light body activation. The Holographic Healing Technique has the capacity to restore the original blueprint. Once healed in this way, the cell structure is changed forever. Benefits can include age reversal, good health, increased intuitiveness, positive attitude towards challenges, wealth abundance, self mastery and numerous other benefits.

We become the healer and the healed.

During the workshop we introduce the concept of the HOLOGRAPHIC BODY COMPUTER through time, space and love. Once you have accessed this holographic body computer, the following are some of what you can expect to be working with:

*Healing, Cleansing, Rejuvenating (activate HGH) all Bodies and Systems

*Instant Holographic Chakra Balancing

*Activating the Hologram of Love 3Breath Merkabah Light body

*A Hologram Unity Conscious Mudra

*Accessing the Time-Space Continuum through the Spine

*Holographic Teleportation


*Encoding the Five Sacred Key Languages

*Activate Pineal and Pituitary for Psychic Abilities

*Activating the Orbital Holographic Merkabah of Love Light Body

*Working with the New Platinum Ray

*Re-directing the Elements to conform to and enhance your reality

*Amplifying the 33rd Degree Energies of your Adam Kadmon Light Body with Rotational Light color Rays

*Cosmic Thought Wave Patterning

* Visit Hall of Amenti (The Masters)

*Access your Original Divine Blueprint

*Advanced Body Computer Healing Techniques for yourself as well as for others

*Manifest Abundance

Bonus: A Pyramid and/or Star Tetrahedron may be erected for participants to meditate and experience.
Certificate: Each day you will strengthen your skills, and on completing this course you will receive a certificate blessed and honoured during a ceremony by Lord Melchizedek.

Dearest Master Tania,

As a Master & Teacher, you convey the teachings very well in a very uncomplicated style with plenty of practical exercises that I could practice on.  You have also been very generous in sharing what you have learnt and experienced.  You are always cheerful, full of anecdotes and very wise and kind.

 I am now indeed very grateful and appreciative that I had joined the “energy”. I have now developed a very positive mindset, managing stress, developed a confidence. And of course, when it comes to the part on “Manifestation for Wealth”, I have been extremely hardworking and persistent and am very glad to report that I am extremely wealthy now!

With this, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, my great Master Tania, my Master Guides & all who have helped me.

Sue Lee, Penang, Malaysia 2006


I have just finished MM Levels I, II, and III with our very dear Tania. My gratitude to Spirit for sending such a talented and loving teacher cannot be expressed enough. She is an endless pool of wisdom, love and patience. Taking her workshop has been life altering. I will not and cannot ever be the same. I have soared to wondrous heights I could only have dreamed of before taking her class. I have also discovered abilities and talents that have been hidden within me for eons. She is a FANTASTIC facilitator for MM! I would recommend in an instant to take any class she offers. She patiently explains the material clearly and thoroughly until you ‘get it’ and can fully experience the wisdom the workshop has to offer.

Cathy Olden, Hayden, Idaho USA 2003


Master Tania showed me how to harness pure loving energy to heal myself and others, and also to manifest my dreams. I am greatly empowered from attending her wonderful workshops, experiences that are priceless. As a result I now have the tools and self awareness to maintain my good health and to create love-filled daily experiences. What a wonderful journey I am having by knowing her! A powerful healer and teacher, Master Tania is a rare gift of joy, fun and love!

Stella Joy Lim, Penang, Malaysia 2007


Dear Tania,
 Your MM level 1 and 11 class is the most beneficial and enjoyable workshop I have attended.  I have taken several workshops since 1994 and this one is the best.  I am looking forward to level 111 and wish it were being held tomorrow.  I know it is time to incorporate and master what I learned.
 You are a wonderful faciliator of MM with your integrity showing through as you live and teach it.  I love being around you with your zest for fun and showing us all is possible with love, awareness, and commitment.  I feel blessed to have been there at the workshop with Tania Kamadon teaching.  It was joy and I look forward to your return.    
With love, Mary Spencer, Massachusetts, May USA 2007


PARTICIPANTS: No prerequisite energy training required.

Only requirement is an openness to receive higher wisdom and honoring the teachings of love of all religions.

Open to practitioners of all levels of spirituality – beginners to advance (each receives what is for him/her)

DATE: 3 Full days 1st to 3rd November 2013

Facilitator is focused on dedicating more time according to the readiness/energy of participants
Saturday & Sunday 9.30 a.m. till 7 p.m. or later
Monday 9.30 a.m. till 7 p.m.
Time schedule is subject to change (depending on group interactions), except on the last day of the workshop for those from overseas/outstation to assist in their travel bookings.

VENUE: Cosy home setting at Penang, Malaysia. Confirmed participants will be informed.

ATTENDANCE: Limit to 12 participants max.
Prior registration is necessary and subject to acceptance by organizer of this workshop.
(Registration closes on 20/9/13 and early bird fees close by 20th August 2013)

FEES: RM2300/US750 per person
inclusive of comprehensive manual from the Kamadon Academy, lunch & snacks for the duration of the workshop..

EARLY BIRD fee: RM1,899/US650
Nonrefundable deposit RM600/US200 by 20th Aug 2013

(in the event the workshop is cancelled by organizers, the workshop deposits will be refunded)

Cash or checks or via paypal

Enquiries and on HOW TO MAKE PAYMENTS
Call 6-012-6315512 (if dialing from USA 011-6- 012-6315512)
or Email
The balance of RM1,299 is paid during registration on the first day of the workshop
We will assist in recommending accommodations and transport arrangements for participants from overseas.

*Private healing sessions (after workshop hours) by prior appointments

Beloveds, I look forward to HAPPY REUNION with you all!