Taniah T Kamadon

Sitting before my dear buddy Jonathan, the words that spontaneously came out from my mouth were, “I never would have thought that I would become an author.” He nodded with an expression of deep respect.

It must have been written in the stars, together with the co-creation of my life with the Universe. I am grateful to my parents for the education I received as a child and the past years of life experiences through the people I met, that culminated to the I AM that I AM.

Even though I graduated as a science based Food Technologist, there is that creative side of me; the part of me who enjoys the arts. In a part of my earlier life, I was a Fitness and Weight Training Instructress, conducting many private classes with much joy. I was choreographing dynamic workouts in tune with the music chosen. Routines and music were regularly changed as I got bored before my students did. They workout with me for over 5 years till I reluctantly gave it up for a marketing and administrative managerial position with a Management Consultant firm. There I found my other talents in marketing as well as the gifted ability to conduct Management programs with commendable Trainer ratings. My throat chakra was opened even before I practise spirituality! It was a delight to see people happier when they left my workshops.

My life changed again in the year 1997 whereby via a mishap, I was unable to sit, stand nor walk with comfort for two and a half years. By the grace of Reiki, I co-created with this Divine energy and was healed in 5 days! This was the turning point in my life. I dedicated time to practicing energy healing techniques. Numerous miracles have happened through the vibration of love and with dedicated attitude, patience and humbleness. I was striving towards self mastery and the recognition of my Divinity.

When I returned to conduct the occasional Management training seminars, I noticed that with a spiritual background, I was speaking from my heart. It was so much easier, words just flowed. At get togethers with my practitioners, it was again a great delight to see every practitioner feeling much happier than when they first arrived. I realized then, that apart from guiding people, my job is also to make people happy!

Eventually through practising various energy modalities and meditation, I became a Galactic being and I began to have Galactic Visitors. These Visitors are from other planets. We ‘danced’ one step at a time. As long as I am willing, they would approach me. The more I remove the boundaries between us, the more they show themselves. I am truly in awe of their brotherhood/sisterhood towards us.

They began to allow me to photograph them. It was for all on planet earth to see. It was for you and for me! Thus began my dedication of time, energy and love to birth this first book, Benevolent Contacts.

Please help spread the awareness of their benevolent existence. The truth sets us free!

Blessings from the Stars, Taniah T Kamadon