A Warm Welcome from Taniah T Kamadon

Greetings Beloved Beings,

For years I have been sitting on creating a website as a medium to add voices guided by divinity to all beloveds incarnated on this planet we call EARTH.

To begin with, my focus is to share the messages of the Extraterrestrials to our world. The messages in the book BENEVOLENT CONTACTS, place an emphasis on what had been denied to the public for so many, many years. The main support of Extraterrestrials and I provide are the original photos taken by me. They are mind blowing to me up to this day. Doubts had been implanted into our minds of the existence of our cosmic brethren. To disclose of their presence is not enough. What is essential to know is that they are the most compassionate beings I have met. It is a blessing to have them as our friends!